Friday, September 5, 2008

Charms & Transfiguration Today (unofficially)

We met unofficially today. It's impossible to take breaks from meeting when classes aren't in session - the kids get quite upset. Usually unofficial days mean that the HH Mamas relax whilst the kids have free-play; in uniform. You can imagine how tempting it is to turn every meeting into a free-play HH day ;-)

Because it didn't take much work to create the DADA Pirate lessons, we actually did semi-formal classes today. Unofficially that is. I (Kat) held a Charms class. For our HH Charms is: languages, story-telling, & things along that line. We did Mad Libs! Yes, you read correctly, Mad Libs. They are great for teaching smaller children nouns, & their ilk. The older kids, & even teens, will benefit from the practice.

If you held your mouse over the link you will have seen we stuck with our DADA theme, & used a Pirate version. We focused their minds even further by telling them that nouns, pl. nouns, body parts, famous people, & that sort had to be things found in the HP books. We highly recommend using Mad Libs; store bought, or self-created. They require you to think, they are simple & portable, & most of all, they get everyone laughing.

After lunch, Shan talked to them about parrot/pirate connection, & had them create their own parrots from printables, & toilet paper tubes. A craft is the perfect thing to follow a lesson. The students minds are buzzing from all they heard, or what they did, & a craft after allows them to chat amongst themselves about it, & just unwind. If you don't have teenies in your classes, we suggest explaining what you want the kids to do, ask if they have any questions, then leave them to it. Poke your head into their craft area every so often, but they'll have more fun without a Professor lurking.

The kids enjoyed the day, & the HH Mamas managed a bit of relaxing - I call that a success!


(Happy birthday Prof. Shan!!!)

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