Sunday, October 5, 2008

We're still here!

I'm sorry for the lack of posting recently. We here at HH are scrambling like mad women to play catch-up. It would seem a week of field trips, followed by a week of camping may not have been one of our more brilliant ideas. We three are in desperate need of House Elves, & quite possibly a Time Turner.

As behind as we find ourselves, all must declare Pirate Month a glorious success! The kids had a great time, learned geography, history, went through an entire book of pirate Mad Libs, & much more. Professor Lupin was pleased to learn they saw Pirate Wizards hiding at Disneyland, the LA County Fair, & even camping!

That last one was the most fun: on an early morning walk, I (Kat) discovered a tall ship anchored just off the coast - no seriously! Later I told the kids about it, & casually wondered aloud if it could have been a small pirate ship. That was all they needed to get their imagination going. By the time we headed back to the beach, they had convinced themselves they were about to come upon actual pirates! As we got closer, my son suggested we shimmy up the sand dune on our bellies; lest we be spotted from the crow's nest. We dropped to the ground, & shimmied like any good pirate-hunter should. After spying on the 'pirates', & discussing whether they were looking for buried treasure or the poor soul they'd just made walk the plank, we went back to our camp. A truly successful piratey mission.

The wrap-up to Pirate Month had nothing to do with us. Two of the kids heard of modern-day pirates on the news! It was nice of the news to help out.


Our official start of term kicks off with a month devoted to studying the beginnings of Hallowe'en, & how it evolved through history. We had to postpone our first class this past week, because one of the kids was quite sick. Shan said that Madame Pomfrey had looked the child over, & assured she'd be well in no time. Once we are able to meet for a lesson, we'll let you know how it went. Until then, we would absolutely LOVE to hear how your HH is going.


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