Friday, July 2, 2010

Potions - Faery Fireworks

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I have decided to post weekly lessons throughout the summer!  He-who-must-not-be-named has set a curse upon me though, for I find myself thwarted at every attempt to get the lessons to you.

Here is a peek at whats to come (I am sorry this is not in pdf - once I discover the counter-curse, I shall post an update. If you want to print this onto parchment, do so using this font.)  Edited to add :: A pdf of this lesson is now in the Classrooms! Enjoy!!! :

Faery Fireworks

Thousands of years ago, the Faeries of what we now call China created fireworks. They did not share this knowledge with others in the Faerie realm, but kept it for themselves. Eventually Faeries the world over unlocked the secrets, & have been making fireworks ever since.

For the last one hundred years, Wizards have been scouring the world, collecting the essence of Faerie fireworks. We are yet unable to master the magic of the Faeries, but we can recreate the beauty. This is your lesson for today.

You shall need:

* a clear, tall drinking goblet

* a small bowl

* your wand (skewer, toothpick, fork)

* Basilisk venom

* cold Gillywater

* Faerie firework essence


* Fill your tall goblet with Gillywater, stopping an inch or so from the top.

* Into your bowl, pour 2 tablespoons of Basilisk venom.

* Add to the venom a few drops of the firework essence. You may opt for one color only, or a variety.

* Use your wand to gently stir your mixture. You need only stir a few times, to scatter the droplets.

* Slowly pour this into your Gillywater.

* Record your observations.

Muggle Explanation

Food coloring dissolves in water, but not in

oil. When you stir the food coloring in the oil, you only break up the droplets. Oil is less dense than water, so floats on the surface. As the colored droplets sink to the bottom of the oil, they mix with the water. The color diffuses outward as the heavier colored droplets sink to the bottom of the glass.

Prof. Kat.

edited to add :: Wow I must have a powerful curse upon me; I forgot to include the Muggle names for the ingredients.

Basilisk Venom = clear oil

Gillywater = tap water (have your child magic the tap with his/her wand.)

Faerie Firework Essence = food coloring.


  1. This sounds like so much fun!! I can't wait to try it with my littles!

  2. We are very excited to join in on the homeschooling fun and the news of the School Etsy shop to soon be open!!