Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Term Letter

Arthur Weasley has finally managed to solve our  PDF problem! As I create them, I shall upload the files for you, post them here, then copy them to the Classroom page. That is the grand plan, at any rate. Here is the first:

summer acceptance letter

This letter was one we used two summers ago. You can use it as is (except for the dates), or use it to inspire your own letter. I have other acceptance letters from which you can choose. Hopefully I can get those to you tomorrow. The PDFs for the recent lessons too. Or should that be - too?? ;)

Prof. Kat.

Edited to add :: A version with blanks, to be filled in, has been uploaded to the classroom as well.

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  1. Dear Prof. Kat we would very much like to have a letter to give to the students. This one is not letting me make changes and the date says 2008. PLease advise!