Saturday, July 10, 2010


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If you have no Quidditch pitch near your home you can still play. Muggles have come up with their own versions of our beloved sport. Here are a few you can try:

* A playground version can be found here.

*This version would be fun for teens.

* For you lucky owners of swimming pools.

* You can even play on the Muggleweb.

Whilst flying with a broomstick between your legs is perfectly safe, I would not suggest  you run about with one. Either do without, or try pool noodles. We once played Seeker try-outs by having kids take turns running on a pool noodle. An adult would toss a bean bag at the hopeful, who would try to catch it with his/her free hand.  Only a few tripped, & because the noodles are foam, no Wizardly crotches were injured.

Do not forget Quidditch Through the Ages. Use it as you would any book: reading practice, vocabulary words, book report, etc. We at HH put anything word-related into the Charms category. The HP 20Q game is not Quidditch, but it is shaped like a Snitch! I have played it, & can assure you it is great fun. A quick search on Amazon for Quidditch brought up board games, card games, & more. As always, I recommend joining dadcando. It is a pay-site, but well worth it for the low price. Once you have joined, you can make their fabulous Snitch.

Have fun!

Prof. Kat.

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