Thursday, August 28, 2008


Quite a few people have asked us what to do for Defense Against the Dark Arts. Those of you not interested in studying Pirates along with us; & we do understand that not all HH families are as Pirate-loving as ours; shall just have to fend for yourselves. Only joking - here are a few ideas to get your gears moving:

* Scary things. This can be anything your children are afraid of: dogs, ghosts, bugs, heights, etc. Turning a fear of the dark into a Dark Art to be fought, could be just the thing to help a child overcome it.

* Fantasy creatures. The HP books are filled with nasty creatures to study; read a little about them all, or choose one to study in depth. This class is a fantastic opportunity to read Greek and/or Roman mythology.

* Problems in the world. Older students especially could study racism, poverty, hunger, disease - touch on these subjects, then guide them toward coming up with ideas to solve these problems.

* Personal nasties.Do you have a child who could use a refresher course in hygiene? How about one with some bad habits you'd like broken asap? You could even turn a chore chart into your DADA lessons! We here at HH are convinced that You Know Who is to blame for the messiness of our children, & their lack of enthusiasm cleaning up after themselves.


Your turn.


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