Monday, August 4, 2008


We would like to thank all who attended our session this past weekend!! It was the first time we've taken our show on the road, so greatly appreciated such a warm, friendly audience.

Over the next two weeks we shall be uploading session notes, checking that our library is complete, & adding a few Potterfied lessons to the classrooms. In the meantime, if you have any questions you are welcome to send us an e-owl.

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In our session, we spoke briefly about wands; we cannot stress enough their importance. As we said on Friday, wands can be purchased, or they can be made - it's up to you. There are two reasons we mention wands today: so you aren't caught off guard when your little Witch or Wizard insists on them, & because of the above photo.

Isn't it a beautiful wand? It is solidly made (holly w/a phoenix feather) & the tip actually lights! Don't you wish you had such a wand? You can have!!!!!

This wand was one of the items donated by our generous benefactor (GB from here on.) We plan to offer it as a prize in a contest, in celebration of the start of term; details at a later date.

Thanks again for attending our session, & congrats to those who won the prizes.



  1. Thanks sooooooo much for the session. Having read all 7 books aloud with my oldest son whose now 9, I knew this would be right up our alley and we can bring along the 6 and 3 yo boys as well. I had an interesting bit of "manifesting" at the conference. Soon after the session, I was telling my friend that I REALLY wanted to win the bag as we were walking by the registration table. Well, I realized that they had started listing the numbers and would you know, there was my number! I was so excited and nearly jumped over the tables to get to the bag. :)

    As expected, DS1 was thrilled at the idea of HH and I have spent the last week gathering supplies and resources. Of course, the wandmakers guide only comes with one, so we have to decide how to proceed, but I just wanted to thank you all so much. As an unschooler from the time my oldest would have started K, I have wanted some way to bring in fun "learning" that wasn't so boring and I think this will be just the ticket.


  2. hogwartshomeschoolAugust 10, 2008 at 4:05 AM

    How wonderful penny! Congrats on winning the bag - isn't it gorgeous???