Sunday, August 10, 2008

Session Notes - Letters

Get ready to unleash your multiple personalities! In addition to letters from Hogwarts, you can send letters from professors, shop owners, officials, or any characters you feel would lend themselves to a lesson or project.

For starters, you'll need the official Hogwarts letter; one for each child. You can copy this directly from the first book, write your own version, or alter the original to suit your version of HH. Assuming you want it to look authentic; you'll need the crest at the top (there are 2 versions in this post,) a font that you like (don't make it too fussy,) & you should have the text be dark green. We at HH don't bother with the fancy envelope, as all post arrives in the tubes we described previously. A pretty red ribbon would be a nice substitute for the wax seal, or with a wax seal even. Here is the wording we used our first year:

Hogwarts Charter School


(Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc,. Chf. Warlock,

Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards)


Dear M_________,


We are pleased to inform you that you have a place at our newly-formed Hogwarts Charter School.


Unlike students here at Hogwarts, you shall not attend classes with Hogwarts Professors directly. Instead, lessons are to be created and overseen by our Professors, and taught by qualified Parents.


You have been sorted into Gryiffindor. As Head of Gryffindor House I would like to extend a personal welcome to you.


Your classes have been chosen, and your Professors shall send their own Owls shortly.


Term begins on 1 of October. Please see that all is in readiness.


Yours Sincerely,


(handwriting font) Minerva McGonagall,


Deputy Headmistress.




Charter students are not required to wear a uniform, but must remember to dress appropriately when out amongst Muggle.


Course Books:

The WandMaker’s Guidebook by Coralis, Master WandMaker


Other Equipment:

1 Wand (see WandMaker’s Guidebook)


*Please note that Professors will inform you of all that they require.


Students may also bring an OWL or a RAT or a CAT or a TOAD.





You see that we stuck to the wording & feel of the letter Harry received, but we changed things to match our HH.

A sample of a letter they might receive from an individual:


~ Year One ~


There will be no silly wand-waving in this course. If you were hoping to learn to brew love charms, understand there shall be no such nonsense in my Potions class.


I have been assured that you attempted a few feeble brews over the Summer, and managed to not blow yourself up. Because of this, I have agreed to allow you a spot in Potions – Year One.


To maintain your spot you must adhere to the following rules:

1)      Wash your hands before and after each class.

2)      Follow the instructions exactly as given.

3)      Keep a written record if instructed to do so.

4)      Put no potions in your mouth, nor near your face.

5)      Pay attention!


Your lessons shall be sent to Dandelion Cottage, and are to be taught by Prof. ________. She is only teaching on my behalf – I am still in charge! Do not give her reason to contact me with complaints of your behavior.


If you will need to know anything before a class, or if I have reason to contact you, I shall send an Owl to your home directly. I trust you have already set up your Porch Mail. If not, do so immediately. Lost Owl Post will not excuse you.


(handwriting font) Prof. S. Snape

- Potions Master, Head of Slytherin


Other letters can come from: Charlie Weasley (dragon study), Flourish & Blotts (quill making), Diagon Alley (order forms), & so on. Once you get used to doing this, the ideas for letters are sure to start pouring in.

You can also send lessons via Owl, but that's for another day.



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