Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pirates - DADA

Needed: Pirate-Aurors

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We meant to have this for you sooner, but it turns out that PDF files baffle Arthur Weasley more than we thought they would. He's finally discovered how to turn documents into PDF files without the use of magic; but they become a tad wonky in the process. Hopefully Arthur shall soon figure out a way to fix that - for now we hope you don't mind the wonkiness overmuch. ** note - All PDFs for this subject can be found in the Classrooms/DADA section of our website.**

As we discussed before, our HH doesn't start until October. We do begin our homeschool year of themes in just a few day though; with a month of piratey fun! The nastiness of pirates was just too good to pass up, so Prof. Lupin (our favorite DADA teacher) has created some pre-term activities.

We're starting with an Owl from Lupin, giving students an extremely brief background on Pirate Wizards of old, & why he is writing about them now. You can find this (wonky-looking) Owl in the DADA Classroom; titled Owl From Lupin. In the same packet, they'll get gorgeous pirate print-outs from Ologyworld. If you want to print these fun activity sheets, you'll have to create a free account with them. The answers to some activities have to be looked up by the students, in their Pirateology Handbooks (see Library.) **Edited to add: It appears the answers are on the print-outs as well. Ink over the answers, before your child sees them. Ooops.**

The next Owl shall be from Durmstrang, announcing a celebration of that school's founding. This parchment shall be wrapped in brown mailing paper, along with a wooden pirate ship model kit - claiming it to be a replica of the founder's ship. That Owl too; in all its wonky glory; can be found in the DADA Classroom, titled Letter From Durmstrang. We found our kits at a fabric & crafts shop, for $2 each. Had I not been trying to stick to budget, I would have bought them all this beautiful kit!

Prof. Lupin wants them to help the hunt, so we shall search for Wizard Pirates at the county fair, go on a scavenger hunt in Disneyland's New Orleans Square, & hoist the Jolly Roger at a group camp-out.

As we come up with new ideas, & print-outs, we'll add them to the DADA Classroom; hopefully in their original state ;-)


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